baby swing

Baby swing and rocking animals

When your baby cries, you instinctively comfort your baby by gently rocking it back and forth. Swinging is very similar to that rocking and therefore has a very soothing effect on babies. They can relax, have a look around and discover the world around them from the air.

Swinging for good motor skills and balance

While swinging the vestibular system is playfully encouraged. This sensory system trained in the ear by making movements from front to back and side to side. While your child plays on a swing or rocking animal it swings back and forth which develops balance and coordination during fun play.

And it is just super fun to rock! Every child likes to move. And this swinging gives some funny tickling feeling to your abdomen as well. So a swing or a rocking animal is always a good gift. A good choice for a birthday party or baby shower ♥.

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