Organic modeling clay Alefo is fully organic

The playdough of the Danish brand Ailefo is good for your child and the environment. It is the first ánd only fully organic playdough in Europe. And ScandinaviëXS is the first shop in the Netherlands where you can buy the playdough! It is a logical addition to our assortment of responsible and especially safe toys. Don't worry when your child accidentally takes a bite: the modeling clay is 'produced food grade'.

Creative, allergy and environmental friendly modeling clay: Ailefo

Christiane Larsen, founder of Ailefo, worked as a nurse in Denmark for seventeen years. Due to her work experience with children, she knew that many children are allergic to artificial substances in toys. That's why she founded Ailefo in 2015. The Danish playdough contains 100% certified organic ingredients.
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