Terese Hoffeldt, founder of the Danish brand Hevea, was pregnant when she saw a Greenpeace campaign. Seeing the campaign images she realized that many products are full of toxins. And after reading the book 'Slow death by rubber duck', she was determined to produce safe baby toys herself. 
Hevea now produces toys, baby teethers and pacifiers with love for children and the environment. All Hevea baby products are free of phthalates, dyes, PVC or BPA.

Hevea durable baby toys

The rubber tree 'Hevea Brasiliensis' is the basis of all Hevea baby and children's products. It is a sustainable source.

Hevea uses natural rubber from Malaysia and pays a percentage of the cost of raw rubber to the Malaysian Rubber Board. This money is used to replant rubber trees and for research on natural rubber. The paper of the Hevea packaging comes from an FSC certified plantation. Each Hevea ingredient is grown without the use of chemicals.

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