Plus-Plus building blocks toys


Plus plus toys offer endless three-dimensional construction capability. The only thing your child needs it, is fantasy. There is only one form building blocks and that is exactly the strong point of Plus-Plus. Simplicity is working.

Plus-Plus is very instructive toy.

It helps to recognize and name colors, fine motor develops, stimulates creativity and ideas on how to make all kinds of buildings. The construction works will ever change. The longer your child plays with it, the more experience it has, the more complicated the construction works will be (though it also works very well for adults ♥).

In Denmark and Scandinavia Plus Plus was for decades a concept in nurseries and primary schools, but fortunately the building blocks now available to consumers.

Plus-Plus modules midi and mini

For the smallest children from 1.5 to 4 years, there are Midi blocks of 5 centimeters. It is color recognition, eye-hand coordination, concentration is a major plus.

There are mini cubes for children from 4 to 12 years. Fine motor skills, develop creativity, imagination stimulation and spatial skills important for this age group.

Plus-plus toy is made of sturdy, unbreakable and rigid plastic that lasts a long time. Naturally Plus Plus does not contain harmful substances, such as plasticizers, PVC and BPA.

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